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Sports In Morocco

Sports in Morocco



Morocco, which is famous for its richness of culture and tradition, has the privilege of belonging to the category of one of the most beautiful countries of the world. The country is a perfect destination for vacation of any sought and features some of the best recreational activities and sports is one of them!



History of Sports in Morocco

Until the 19th century, horse based sports was of great interest to the Moroccan people. The Europeans were responsible to introduce football, tennis, polo and swimming to them, and football has become the premier sports of the country with many youngsters showing much enthusiasm in developing the sport.

However, the most famous sport that brought world recognition to Morocco was athletics with two gold medals won at the 2004 Olympics and ever since, the participation in the game has grown to many heights and more achievements are expected in this field in the future.



Famous Sports in Morocco


  • Soccer

Morocco has a national football team, which was the first Arab and African country football team to qualify to the second round in the 1986 World Cup competition and shot to fame after winning the 2012 Arabs Nations Cup defeating Libya in the final match. Morocco will be hosting the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations and the host cities will include Tangier, Casablanca, Rabat, Agadir and Marrakech.


  • Morocco Grand Prix

The elements of Formula 1 Sports Car and Touring Car Racing began for the first time in the year 1925 in Casablanca and the race was formally called as the Casablanca Grand Prix but later earned the name Morocco Grand Prix. However, the sport was stopped in the year 1958 due to a fire accident. But after the Grand Prix was stopped, a temporary street circuit known as Circuit International Automobile ‘Moulay El Hassan’, Marrakech Street Circuit or Marrakech Racetrack measuring around 3 miles was built in Agdal district, in Marrakech in Morocco and the first international car race was conducted in 2009. The Moroccan Grand Prix partner, D3 Motor Sport Development has taken over the responsibility of designing the street circuit further. 


  • Cricket

One of the sports, which is growing popular among the people, is cricket. The country hosted the 2002 Morocco Cup, which had the participation of many countries and Sri Lanka beat South Africa and took home the cup.


  • Handball

One of the games preferred by Moroccans is handball and it is quite popular across the country. Morocco has a national handball team, which is controlled by the Moroccan Handball Federation headquartered in the capital city of Rabat.


  • Hockey

Another sport, which is gaining popularity among the people of Morocco, is hockey and the team has been admitted to the International Ice Hockey Confederation in the year 2010.


  • Other Sports

Tennis and golf are also gaining popularity in recent times and the country has professional players who compete in international competitions. Kickboxing is becoming popular too with one of its kick boxer winning K-1 heavyweight championship in 2007.

Sports and its importance is slowing leading its way into the society of Morocco and its popularity is growing far and wide. Soon it could be among the list of countries leading the Olympics in terms of medals in gold, silver and bronze categories for the potential and skill that the Moroccans possess with the major potential lying in the athletic sphere.



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