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Weather In Morocco

Weather in Morocco



Morocco is one of the sought after tourist destinations by people from all over the globe not only for its picturesque locations, but also for its wonderful climate! The country had different levels of climatic conditions spread all over its regions.



Weather in the Moroccan Regions

The north and the west of Atlas experience a Mediterranean climate. The summers are dry and warm, while winters are wet and mildly cold.  The middle Atlas experiences different climates like Mediterranean and Maritime. This part of Morocco receives a lot of rainfall and has average summer and winter temperatures. The weather in the east of the Atlas Mountains becomes extremely warm during the long summers and mildly cold in short winters.



Weather in Major Moroccan Cities

The climate in Casablanca, the largest city and the main port of Morocco, together with the capital city of Rabat and the city of Essaouira have a pleasant and comfortable climate in the peak of summer as they benefit from the coastal sea breeze. The city of Fez and Marrakech have dry, warm and humid climate during summer and a mild winter atmosphere. The city of Tangier receives rainfall more than any other Moroccan city because of its exposed location. Summer is hot and winter is mild. The city of Agadir features warm summers and mild winters.



Weather during the Four Seasons

Morocco in general has a pleasant sunshine all round the year and each season has its own specialty.


Spring (March to May) – During this period, the region is particularly warm and pleasant. The trees are in bloom and the mountain peaks are still covered with snow, making them look captivating.


Summer (June to September) – The sea breeze keeps the hot summer temperature under control in some parts while other parts may experience high temperatures. The cool and exquisite climate of the mountains in summer is apt for a rejuvenating holiday experience. Holidaying in Ifrane valley in summer is an absolute choice with its green pastures, dense woodlands and rapid waterfalls offering a great escape from the hot weather.


Autumn (October to November) – This is a suitable season to carry out a restful retreat as temperatures fall in land. The winter rains arrive and the climate is pleasant enough to have a swim in the ocean.


Winter (December to February) - Mild temperatures are experienced on the coasts all round the year due to the Atlantic and Mediterranean climate that prevails there. Whereas in the uplands, winter is damp and cold. Skiing and swimming are the best recreational activities to be carried out in this season.



What to Wear while Vacationing in Morocco


  • February is the coldest time of the year, so high and heavy mountain boots while trekking in the mountains are necessary.
  • Low trekking shoes are comfortable while trekking in the valleys during any season.
  • Shoes that cover the toes are good to be worn while wandering in the busy market places such as the medinas and the souks.
  • Long pants, skirts and loose tops with half or full sleeves, brimmed hats, sunglasses and headscarves are great for women travellers to stay protected from the sun and heat.
  • Men can wear sleeved shirts, long pants, caps, hats and sunglasses.