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About Morocco

About Morocco



Morocco hailed as the Kingdom of Morocco and simply known as ‘The West’ is a country located at the northern tip of the African continent. With a population of over 32 million, Morocco is rich in cultural heritage, with a blend of African, Berber and European influences. Islam is the main religion, with Arabic being the official language. However other languages like ‘Dareja’, a native Moroccan language, Berber, French and English are also spoken.

Morocco is distinguished in to seven major regions and each one of them has their very own flavours and tourist attractions lingering in them.



  1. Mediterranean Morocco

A northern region of Morocco, the Mediterranean Morocco has major seaports and seaside towns. The main city in this locality is Tangier, which has been a great inspiration to many musicians, writers and filmmakers.


  1. North Atlantic Coast

North Atlantic Coastal region of Morocco is one of the busiest places of the country and is home to the capital city Rabat. Another important city of this locality is Casablanca, which is a modern and the major tourist spot for tourists visiting Morocco by flight.



  1. South Atlantic Coast

The Southern Atlantic Coastal region of Morocco is more of a relaxed area with some attractive sea towns. Agadir is one of the main cities of the locality with large promenade by the seaside and European styled restaurants and cafes. Another notable city is Essaouira, an ancient town abandoned and rediscovered. The beaches in Essaouira are mostly empty and peaceful expect during the peak season.

There are other tiny yet wonderful cities near Agadir that are worth a visit. Situated to the north of Agadir in the Atlas Mountains, is a small town called Imouzzer, which has beautiful waterfalls and green natural scenery. Just 15 minutes north of Agadir is the town of Aourir with great beaches and genuine restaurants. Just a few steps past Aourir is a small village called Tamraght, located on a hill overlooking the sea, which is popular for beaches and surfing during winter. Adjacent to Agadir is a market town named Inezgane, which has an indoor market for purchase of local Moroccan stuffs.



  1. High Atlas

Covering the mountain range is the High Atlas region, home to one of the major tourist destination, the city of Marrakech, which famous among hikers, trekkers and adventure seekers. The city is also a great place for buying souvenirs and other traditional items.


  1. Middle Atlas

The middle Atlas region covers the mountain ranges along with some of the traditional Moroccan cities. The city of Fez with its car free medina is a major attraction of this locality.


  1. Saharan Morocco

The Saharan Morocco covers parts of the Sahara desert and offers great desert based activities such as camel rides etc.


  1. Anti Atlas

Covering the borders of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert is the Anti Atlas region, which has activities much different to other Moroccan areas and is an ideal place for people who like to be undisturbed during their vacation.

Morocco is an exotic gateway to the African continent with its deserts, mountains and beautiful coastlines! With its stunning mosques, uniquely structured seaside towns, medieval city centres, snow covered peaks of the Atlas Mountains and the mesmerizing sand dunes of the Saharan Desert, Morocco is a perfect choice a tourist can visit and explore to the maximum limit. The vivid experiences and the captivating moments cherish forever and create a wonderful feeling that Morocco is a splendid and absolute choice of a great holiday!